Chongqing Dongze Pharmaceutical Science and Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter called CDPS), Chongqing Xirun Medical Equipment and Supplies Co., Ltd(hereinafter called CXME), and Chongqing Runze Medical Equipment and Supplies Co., Ltd(hereinafter called CRME) are the high-tech companies specializing in pharmaceutical R&D and sales, medical equipments sales, medical equipments R&D, production and sales, respectively. The three companies belong to the same corporate representative and share the same management team. Throughout the years, the companies, maintaining a high speed development, have doubled the performance successively , built up a good social image and achieved a reliable market reputation in the field of neurological medicine in China.
      CDPS, established in 1998, is supported by the advanced science and technology and safeguarded by Intellectual property rights.  Focusing on researching and selling new and special medicine, CDPS has owned the well-known products, such as Oxiracetam Capsules, Oxiracetam Injection and Antofloxacin Hydrochloride Tablets.
      CXME, established in 2005, is engaged in the field of neurology equipment, consumables products sales. Mainly running high-tech Neurology products of Well-known enterprises at home and abroad (Grandhope in Guangdong Province, etc), including neurology specialized on monitoring equipments, rehabilitation equipments, neurosurgical power system, Neural endoscopies and consumable supplies, such as cranial fixed and restored material, meninges restored material, aneurysm clip etc.
      CRME, established in 2007, focuses on R&D, production and sales of surgical power system and new implant materials.
      CDPS, CXME and CRME carry ‘carve out by science and technology, benefit the people’ of enterprise purpose, ‘client-oriented, operate with integrity according to the law’ of management idea, promote ‘honest, harmony, effort and advance’ of team spirit. During 11 years of trials and hardships, our company has developed into a set of ‘science, industry and trade’ in one, and to be the standardized and specialized company with a good Credit and reputation.
  Our company has set up close relation with Chinese Association of Neurology, Neurologist Branch of Chinese Medical Doctor Association, and all Neurology association in Province level as well as majority in City level. Every year, our company sponsored or partial sponsored 10 national and international meetings, and 50 regional meetings. The senile dementia’s Prevention Association in Chongqing initiated and funded by our company has established in 2009.
       Business of CDPS, CXME and CRME is all over the country, offices have been set in Chongqing, Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Shandong, Liaoning, Sichuan and Yunnan one after another. Its sale and service network has been established in more than twenty major medical school affiliated hospitals, fifty province level hospitals and more than 100 city and large country owned hospitals.
      Our company encourages innovating, emphasizes research and developing. Now two innovative medicines and six innovative equipments and supplies are been researching and developing, most of which will be getting out of the laboratory in three years and become a wonderful work in the field of neurology.
      CDPS, CXME and CRME adhere to the ‘people-oriented, carve out by science and technology, the market first’ concept of development, and establish a scientific management system, standardized logistics system, and sound financial management system. Our company has a number of high-quality talents who are good at management, business skill, and 80% staffs hold bachelor's degrees of key medical colleges and universities, 10% got master’s degree, and all senior management have experience of important positions in well-known international enterprise.
      Our company won praises of ‘Chongqing University Science Park and Technology Innovation Award’ in 2005 and 2006; the RZ08-3A-based operation power system developed independently by CXME achieved the ‘863’Project in 2008, and got the honor of key new product of Chongqing in 2009; CDPS got GSP certification of the Chong Qing Food and Drug Administration in 2009. Presently, the company acquired five patented technology certificates.
      Work hard to succeed, show excellent ability in medical domain. CDPS, CXME and CRME are becoming the most excellent service providers with our own Sincerity, diligence and intelligence. The ideal becoming well-known enterprise with scientific research, industry and trade as one will come true.


Chongqing Dongze Pharmaceuticals Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.

  CDPS was incorporated at Chongqing, Rongxin Building, 1998. CDPS’s business is engaged in therapeutic drug and supplies targeted on Neurological and cardiac disease.
  Chongqing Dongze does a good job relying on its advantages in science and technology, protected by intellectual property rights, leading by new and special medicine, considering high-tech products of home and abroad, basing on large and medium-sized hospital, other sale terminal second, continuing to spread market of novel and special medicine. Chongqing Dongze is mainly distributing Oxiracetam Capsules and IV.
  Chongqing Dongze had GSP certification of the Chong Qing Food and Drug Administration. And Chongqing Dongze won praises of the Chong Qing Food and Drug Administration in Jan. 2007.


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Chongqing Xirun Medical Equipment and Supplies Co.,Ltd.
  CXME was incorporated at Chongqing, 2005. CXME’s business was engaged in Chinese market on Neurology specialized on monitoring equipments, rehabilitation equipments, neurosurgical power system, Neural endoscopies and consumable supplies, and has successively reprented and market medical products ,such as US Medtronic,Chinese Summit Lifesciences.
  HL—841D studied for years is successively achieved in our company and is reported to register and go into mass production.


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